Banner Metalcraft Inc. specializes in close tolerance sheet metal fabrication and machined parts. Prototypes to production runs of brackets, front panels, heat sinks, machined chassis, dip brazed cases, weldments, enclosures, leading edge ribs and structural aircraft parts. Our assembly department capabilities include riveting, wet install riveting, installation of Huck and Cherry dual action locking rivets, adhesives, sealants, epoxies and gaskets. Banner Metalcraft Inc. has the machinery and the skilled personnel to perform to the most demanding requirements. Our custom computer system provides complete part traceability. All material, hardware, adhesive, sealant, heat treat and coating certification records are documented and stored for future reference. Combine this with our commitment to continuously upgrade and improve equipment, you are assured the highest quality parts with maximum productivity. The bottom line is unsurpassed quality at a competitive cost.


Banner Metalcraft Inc. has four complete programming centers capable of reading .PSD, .DWG, .IGES, .DXF and CATIA files. These centers are also able to import .PDF, .CAL, .TIF, .GIF, .HPGL and most other raster images. The flat pattern scanner is primarily used for creating flat pattern inspection reports. Although it is capable of reverse engineering of parts up to 48" x 48". The 36" x 48" digitizing board transfers mylar data into the computer for programming. The 36" roll printer can create prints and mylars if they are required.


Our 2200 watt combination punch/laser gives us the ability to burn intricate areas of a flat pattern and then punch the remaining part at up to 7 hits per second. This blend of punching speed with laser versatility has proved to be invaluable. The second punch press can punch up to 6 hits per second. Both machines are capable of punching up to .250" (most alloys). Our third punch press is a hydraulic punch press with the ability to punch up to 12 hits a second. Incredibly fast and accurate, this machine runs our smaller parts. Combine this with almost 1000 different punches in stock, we are equipped to fabricate any of your requests.


The brake department consists of nine brakes. From our four foot, 16 ton brake for small jobs, eight foot, 130 ton brake for the large/thick gauge jobs and 5 brakes in between for everything else. These high end brakes combined with highly skilled operators create an unmatched bending/forming department. No part is too intricate.


The machining department has five CNC milling machines, each having a different niche. The OKK is the workhorse with a gear drive spindle and is used primarily for machining steel alloys and to make form blocks for the rubber press. The Hass VF6SS has a coolant thru spindle and a 64"x32"x30" machining area. This machine is utilized for large parts or long run time parts. The VF4SS has a coolant thru spindle, a 50"x20"x25" machining area and a two pallet system with a total of six vises. This allows parts to be loaded on one pallet while the other is being machined. The Howa is a rotary pallet production machining center. This machine is set up with a total of four vices. While two vices are in process, the other two are being loaded and unloaded. The pallet changover time is less than six seconds, making quick work of medium to high volume work. Four manual Bridgeports handle basic machining.

Block Forming

For block formed parts, our 680 ton rubber press forms parts with ease. You can send us your form block or have us design and manufacture one. This machine is capable of form blocks up to 23"W x 52"L x 4.5"H.
We also have a 24" round, 400 ton rubber press for smaller parts.


Small or large, we have the tools to complete any assembly job. Banner Metalcraft Inc. stocks hundreds of types of hardware and has a large array of presses, squeezers, Heli-coil inserters, single action and dual action rivet guns. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience to complete a project of any complexity. This includes installation of compression gaskets, RF gaskets, wet installed rivets, fillet and faying with adhesives, sealants and epoxy resins.

Part Processing

While no part processing is done on premises, Banner Metalcraft Inc. holds close business relations with dip brazing, heat treating, plating and painting companies nationwide. We are fortunate as most of these companies are local and are approved process sources for Northrop Grumman, Vought, Lockheed Martin and Boeing to name a few. We drop off and pick up at these companies daily.